Pioneer CDJ 2000

CDJ Player, DJ CD PLayer

Pioneer DJ is an elite brand of DJ Equipment.  Gaining popularity from their CDJ series CD Players, most DJ’s have grown to love their DJ Controllers and Mixers as well as USB’s have grown in popularity.  However the CDJ 2000 remains one of their most popular brands of CD Players.  Here we will talk more about the Pioneer CDJ 2000.

The Pioneer CDJ 2000 comes in the following models:

Platinum Nexus Collection (packaged with Mixer and remix station), Regular Black Nexus CDJ 2000 Multiplayer, and the Regular Black CDJ 2000 Multiplayer

Each model offers different features and you should consider each feature before purchasing depending on your DJ Equipment setup.

Platinum Nexus

It is extremely hard to get your hands on the Platinum Nexus CDJ 2000 complete setup and the Platinum is often referred to with the collection that includes the club-standard CDJ-2000nexus multiplayer, DJM-900nexus mixer and RMX-1000 remix station. Production was limited to only 4,000 units and is a premier DJ Equipment setup.  Your best bet is to look for the collection used which can still range over $4,000.

The CDJ Nexus Multiplayer comes with a 6.1 LCD screen and includes the following handy features:

  • Multi format playback: MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD, DVD-ROM, SD Card and USB memory device
  • Instantly jump to specific song parts with Needle Search
    • Tag Info & Artwork – Edit and customize the fi le information to performance needs.
    • Hot Cues, Cue Points, and Loops – Prepare and customize cues and loops as well as create and manage hot cue banks.
    • Playlists – Create, edit and manage customized playlists for various performances.
    • Beatgrid – Utilizing the new Quantizing feature, cue points and loops can be set perfectly on-beat. The Quantize feature ensures cue points are set accurately and automatically, correcting and synching beats during manual looping or a real-time cueing, preventing off beat mistakes.
    • Advanced ConnectivityThe new turntable feature a 24-bit/48 kHz sound card and HID and MIDI control compatibility via USB port. Up to 35 controls on the surface of the player can be used to trigger other devices, such as DJ effecters and software by way of HID and/or MIDI. The HID controls were implemented into the player for superior interfacing with software, faster communication speed over MIDI, audio/visual streaming and two-way information on the display. HID enables easy, precise and native control of DVS systems such as Native Instruments’ Traktor series and MixVibes Cross2 without the need for time-coded discs.

For any specific question about the Pioneer CDJ 2000 call and speak with a DJ consultant today at (773) 932-0101 and visit to find the DJ Equipment that best suits your needs.


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