Shure Se 215

Shure se215 reviews

While many DJs still prefer over the ears headphones, there are many that have grown to love earbud style headphones.  For the DJ’s in this category, the Shure se 215 offers superb sound quality and for the price, the value is hard to find with any other earbuds.

The sound isolating design has been claimed to eliminate up to 37 decibels of ambient noise which for any professional DJ is perfect to really get into your music without distraction.

Durability and maintenance is also a plus for the Shure se215 coming with detachable earbuds and a kevlar reinforced cable.  If you plan on moving around a lot and packing your gear into tight spaces it is important to have a ear bud headphone that can withstand the abuse.  The design also offers 360 degree swivel motion which allows for movability while doing your thing!

While there are many options for Djs that are looking for earbuds, the Shure se215 definitely is at the top of the list for usability, value/price and functionability.

Purchase the Shure se215 earbud style headphones on our website for the best prices for dj equipment here at




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