DJ Equipment for Beginners

dj equipment

The specific equipment that any DJ needs really depends on the types of jobs that will be worked.  It is important to understand the basic DJ Equipment, however a Wedding Dj for instance may need to own more gear than a club DJ including his or her own Active subwoofer speakers and PA Systems as well as DJ lighting, etc.

Main DJ Equipment categories are DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers, Cartridges, Midi Controllers, Laptop Stands, CD Players, Turntables, DJ Headphones and a good working DJ Software.  To see examples of the most popular brands in each one of these categories from Akai, Ableton, Alesis, Numark, Pioneer DJ, Rane, Shure and many more visit the following link to compare between brands before making a purchase online DJ Equipment

For more advanced DJ setups Lighting should be provided and you can make more per gig by providing a fun, well-lit environment for your event.  Specific DJ Lighting setups are grouped into main categories of DMX Controllers, LED fixtures, lighting bags, Moving Heads, Strobes, Scanners, and up lighting.  Visit our shop to see specific DJ lighting setups that you can use to create a good environment depending on your DJ needs.  Popular brands for good DJ Lighting include Blizzard Lighting, and American DJ.  Visit this link to see more about Lighting and shop online.  DJ Lighting

Proper Pro Audio setups will really set you apart from the competition and custom fit your sound for whatever venue you are playing at.  In this category you will find Dj amplifiers, Dj Compressors, Dj Crossovers, Dj equalizers, Line array systems, mixing consoles, multi-effects processors, PA Systems, passive speakers, passive Subwoofers, Powered Speakers, Powered Subwoofers, DJ processors, and studio monitors. Popular brands of Pro Audio are Alto Professional, db Technologies, Mackie, RCF, Dawn Pro Audio Systems.To compare brands online before making a purchase visit Pro Audio


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