Akai MPC

Akai MPC Renaissance

The Akai MPC has gained popularity among producers like DJ Araab Musik for it’s sleek design and easy to program options.  Many dj equipment companies offer several production controllers, but the Akai MPC continues to reign as top dog as new models come out.  The popular Renaissance Model Akai MPC starts off at roughly $1999.00 however beginner DJ’s and producers can also enjoy the functionality and easy of use of the Akai MPC with their entry level Akai Professional MPC Studio which retails for under $999.  Our warehouse ships these models to the US for free and discounts up to 60% off of retail price for a limited time.  Click the links above for specific details about each Akai MPC model and visit our site for more good deals on DJ Equipment

Akai MPC Professional Studio (Retails $999, 60% off limited time sale, $399 Free Shipping)

Akai MPC Studio
Akai MPC Professional Studio

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