Pioneer DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX vs. Pioneer DDJ-SZ

ddj rz

Are you a Pioneer DJ enthusiast?  Do you use mostly their products only?  Which DJ software is your favorite?  These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before buying the new Pioneer DDJ-RZ , DDJ-RX or the Pioneer DDJ-SZ.  At nearly the same price, many Dj’s are wondering which one is really better and which one is worth the buy.  Well the truth is much of both controllers is the same, however slight functionality differences between supported DJ softwares is the main thing to consider before purchasing.

The goal for the DDJ-RZ and the DDJ-RX is to introduce seamless file integration using Rekordbox as all of your music files will be already inside of the software.  This “partnership” with Rekordbox means that you should expect to see more and more funcionality with Pioneer DJ equipment products and Rekordbox software in the future as well.  Seamless designs have set other companies products aside from their competition like Apple has done with their Ipod and Ipad and Iphone products.  Goodbye to USB drives in the future as more and more expansion packs are released through Rekordbox as Pioneer DJ continues to bring innovation to their product lines.  Most DJ’s wont appreciate this force of new culture and loyalty to Pioneer products only until their complete the process of making their products completely superior with their integration of softwares.  However, we agree that Pioneer is on the right path and we always encourage innovation in DJ Equipment products.

If you are a Pioneer Dj enthusiast and you don’t plan on switching to any other brands invest in the DDJ-RZ or DDJ-RX controller depending on your budget as they will continue adding functionality to their softwares and Rekordbox and integration through their controllers.  However if you enjoy using other softwares like Serato and Ableton and don’t care about the music file integration or the use of USB drives then you will prefer the DDJ-SZ as most popular softwares are supported.

Compare both products on our website before purchasing at

To understand how the DDJ RZ combines functionality with the Rekordbox software watch the following video



7 thoughts on “Pioneer DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX vs. Pioneer DDJ-SZ

  1. Hi, yes you can. connect the output from the pioneer ddj rz to the input of the rmx1000. Then connect the output of the rmx1000 to your speakers and you should be good to go! Let us know if you have any more questions.


    1. Didn’t work. Is there any box u can hook to your mixer that supplies send and receive Ports? Also, is the rmx500 a better remix device for the ddj RZ? Can’t the 500 work with both table A n B? Thinking I should get that instead. Also RZ has tons of effects already so do I need an RMX at all?


      1. You don’t really need the RMX but it does offer more effects than the DDJ-RZ provides by itself, and they both are meant to go together because they seamlessly integrate Serato’s software. Consider adding an RMX 500 as being similar to adding a supercharger on an already fast 5.0 Mustang if that makes any sense.


  2. Didn’t work so I either need a box to Hook to mixer that has send n receive ports, u have any ideas? Or I think the RMX500 is made for the ddj series so might exchange for that. Do I need a RMX station for the RZ when it already has so many of the features the rmx500 has? What would the rmx500 give me ability to do that RZ can’t already? Just the Build up n drop feature?


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