Rane TTM57mkII Mixer

Rane TTM57mkII Mixer

Are you a fan of Serato software?  Then you will love the built-in compatability for the Serato software controls on the Rane TTM57mkII Mixer.  This mixer is also popular for being the first mixer to include a built-in USB soundcard.

This DJ Equipment Chicago is mainly used for the Serato software.  For instance you can load your library, scroll through your tracks and loop, as well as scroll through your effects straight from the TTM57mkII DJ Mixer.

Also brought the transform joysticks back as well as software control joysticks which were popular from the previous TTM57 model.

Also if you are having a scratch session with other dj’s this dj mixer allows you control other mixers volume if they are linked together.

Essentially the Rane TTM57mkII Mixer brings back all of the most popular features from the previous TTM57 and also the 62 models and combines them into this model.  The following video will show how to use with Serato software and other softwares like Ableton if you plan on using them with this dj mixer.

We currently offer this model with 20% off Retail and free shipping.  See the full specs for the Rane TTM57 MKII Mixer at http://www.djsmartavshop.com/Rane-TTM57mkII-Mixer_p_3444.html



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