Numark NS7III Mixer

numark ns7III

This Numark NS7III Mixer is packed with great features. It is the 3rd generation of the Numark NS7 series and also has 3 LCD Display screens.

There is no need for your laptop with this model as all controls can be used with the LCD screens.

As usual the Numark NS7 series is built like a tank.  Durability and build quality are very high on this model, however the high quality metal components in the vinyl disc and other components make this model weigh very much.  For the DJ on the go, you may prefer lighter models like the Pioneer XDJ-RX, however for a studio unit or something that will not be moved very often the Numark NS7III is a great model for you.  Or if you are looking for a daily workout you can try carrying this unit around with you, it can certainly withstand the abuse as it is built with metal components.

Most DJ’s prefer large controllers like this DJ Equipment Chicago because the buttons and controls are spread out very well so that you won’t accidentally bump into a control you didn’t mean to.

You will also love the illuminated MPC pads on the bottom of this controller that are made by Akai.

The moving platters that are controlled by a motor will give DJ’s that love the feel and look of the traditional turntable models a chance to display their skills live.  Although the platters on turntables traditionally are 12 inches, these well designed 7 inch platters will certainly do the job.  You can adjust the torque also to your preference and/or mixing styles.

A great DJ is here describing how to get the most out of this Numark NS7III DJ Equipment.

Your Serato DJ Software integrates perfectly with this DJ Equipment and comes with a free download of the Serato DJ software.  Your hot cues will work really well.

When setting your cues, visually this Numark controller and mixer will illuminate whichever cues are active.  While making loops you can do it on the fly easily with the MPC.

We are currently offering this model for 25% off the retail price on our website at



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