The Difference between Watts and Decibels

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Many Djs getting started on working their first few gigs will want to go out and purchase their own DJ Gear Chicago and are curious as to what type of DJ Equipment Chicago to purchase.  With so many brands available, most beginning DJs will try to purchase equipment that markets itself for having high wattage output.  Well what’s the difference between Wattage and Sound Output.  And what about clarity and durability.

Let’s take Alto Professionals new Sub Series 702-AS II.  There are two classifications of wattage to look out for.  When pairing your speakers to your amplifiers it is important to pay most attention to the Continuous Power rating (RMS) of the equipment that you are powering.  That is the real power of your system and while most companies market their systems at a much higher output, some speakers will only be able to handle a certain amount of continuous power so you definitely want to pay attention to this secondary number as a main priority when shopping.  We recommend that you stay away from companies that put ridiculously high Wattage capabilities on their products when compared to other brands at the same price as they will most likely be substituting for actual sound clarity and/or durability of their DJ Equipment Chicago.  Essentially if it’s too good to be true, it probably has a catch.  Ask your DJ Equipment Dealer Chicago how much continuous power can this speaker system handle?

Decibels is a completely different world and relates to the actual sound and amplitude that is produced from your dj equipment Chicago.  Essentially how loud is your system or how much sound is being produced. For example is is quite possible for a poorly produced high wattage speaker to produce very little actual sound when compared to a high quality speaker that is lower in wattage.  Much goes into determining the sound quality and sound output.  Typically higher end brands of Dj Speakers Chicago have perfected things like cone structure and voice coils and coil systems to produce sound at a certain frequency at a certain clarity with certain noise reductions while maintaining quality of sound.

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