Lighting Recommendations for Wedding DJs

dj equipment

Any professional DJ knows that DJ’ing a Wedding is very complicated.  Wedding DJs chicago carry a lot of responsibility making sure that the bride, groom and wedding planner are all happy with the organization and delivery of the DJ.  They are hiring you instead of their nephew with their ipod because they are expecting an added level of value and service that can be really hard to find. After all there is only one shot at greatness, there are no do-overs, well unless this is their second or third marriage, but that’s another story altogether.  It really is about the overall experience which is why they are hiring you.  Many DJ’s realize that not only is the sound equipment important but also the lighting as well to deliver a visually impactful DJ service that adds energy to your big day.  Well timed and synchronized lighting will turn your wedding into the party that it’s supposed to be at the right time and at other times offer subtle ambiance to simply highlight certain important activities during the wedding such as the bride dancing with her father for instance.  The following lighting setups are recommended.

Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro Lights- Create awesome light show effects.  We recommend these specific lights for their durability, pricing and overall value.  See more about these lights before purchasing on our website at Elation Platinum Spot LED Pros

Moving Head Washes- Helps illuminate large areas like a stage.  Washes the area with ambient lighting

Laser Strobes, Strobes, Fog Machines- Create awesome lighting effects as well as haze effects.  Your guests can feel like they are dancing on the clouds.

Every Dj will have their own preferences for how they deliver on the lighting end.  Here’s a DJ with specifically how he sets up his lighting and even shows the turnout of how everything turns out.

Visit our website to compare different lighting setups before purchasing at


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