See how a Real DJ uses the Pioneer DDJ-SZ

ddj sz

The new DDJ-SZ finishes our scope of Serato DJ execution controllers.

It’s the fourth and last unit in this expert DDJ-S range, which has something for each circumstance, setup and value point.

From little to huge, they all give easy control of the most energizing new components that Serato DJ brings to the table.

Diverse levels of conveyability, availability and assemble quality make this innovation open to everybody.

The ddj Sz is ideal for learners – with the most minimal price and best convenience – however it is still totally fit for giving proficient results.

The DDJ SR is the following in line, with an aluminum faceplate, 8 execution cushions and four-deck control.

The SX is the ideal parity of conveyability and uncommon execution control, with an implicit four-channel blender for enormous framework availability.

At last, the SZ is a definitive expert Serato DJ controller that the business sector has been sitting tight for.

At 10 kilos or 22 pounds, and simply under a meter wide, it packs in the vast majority of the innovation found on a CDJ-2000 and DJM-900 Nexus setup, with that commonplace roomy format and thick controls.

The most clear proficient components are the colossal CDJ platters with focal jog displays.

This demonstrates the playback head position and in addition a red commencement to the following sign point; giving the best virtual indicators available.

What’s more, not at all like different controllers, the DDJ-SZ precisely imitates the Serato DJ playhead on screen, In high determination.

This, joined with conductive touch innovation for smoother, lighter more responsive control – also mechanical pressure alter – makes the SZ ideal for beat juggling and scratching.

The platter edge additionally lights up blue (when set to control decks 1 and 2 )and white (when controlling decks 3 and 4), making tasks stunningly clear.

Brake speed, wide pitch, Slip mode, and all the standard leader deck controls make it everything an expert could wish for.

The prominent cushion segment works precisely like the DDJ-SX, with Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer and a speed touch sampler, however with three new move modes.

Hot Loop, Loop Save and Slicer Loop impersonate the fundamental cushion impacts however with included auto looping.

The pads themselves are the greatest available, at 30mm squared, extensively laid out with a lot of space to get imaginative.

The new shading light makes it less demanding to know which MPC pad you are controlling.

Significantly more valuable, and selective to the SZ, is the capacity to alter the shade of each Hot Cue pad in Serato DJ.

Presently you can arrange signals with an alternate cues for Beats, Breakdowns, or introductions and dependably perceive the right catch to press for each track in your gathering.

The DDJ-SZ will become the dominant focal point of any size setup, with its four-channel remain solitary blender that shares the assemble quality, parts and format of our leader mixers.

Amazing faders highlight deck fader begin control and P-Lock tops that will never fall off coincidentally.

The DDJ SZ offers the best ever attractive cross-fader and is equipped for performing 10 million operations without losing quality, and has pressure and bend control.

Much the same as our top of the reach mixers, the SZ gives you 4 Sound Color FX.

Pick between Echo, Filter, Jet or Pitch and afterward turn the knob on any channel to immediately apply the impact.

Turn to one side from its inside position to get high pass channel, or left to get a low pass channel.

What makes these absolutely remarkable are six free FX units, making it conceivable to dial in distinctive parameters for the Mics and Sampler yield, the four mixer channels and now the master channel as well.

On top of the sound shading FX, the SZ has an all-new oscillator area permitting you to right away trigger and control additional, integrated sounds on top of your set.

Clamor, Siren, Horn and Reverse Cymbal add additional diversity to your blends and can be consolidated with Sound Color FX and steered to mixer channels 3 and 4, or the master yield.

And also these awesome execution highlights, the SZ has been intended to make it simple to switch DJs by including two USB associations.

Two portable workstations can be joined without a moment’s delay and the whole controller can be split into two, which makes it conceivable to DJ consecutive easily with both having entry to all elements of the mixer.

At the point when the last DJ has detached, the DDJ-SZ consequently switches over control of the other half.

To make this a reality, Pioneer DJ included two 24-bit soundcards with five stereo channels out.

These soundcards additionally include five stereo inputs, so you can control Serato DJ’s four virtual decks with Serato Noisemap circles or vinyl, and record your entire set with the fifth stereo information.

Obviously the DDJ-SZ will fill in as a Midi controller and soundcard for any music or DJ programming with the same switchover capacities and even associate two diverse sound applications from the same PC on the double.

Channels 3 and 4 have phono preamps, so two turntables and two CDJs could be utilized as a part of blend.

There’s likewise committed inputs for two receivers, which implies you won’t need to give up mixer channels.

The yield area is the same as the DDJ-SX, with adjusted XLR ace and adjusted jack Booth yield, in addition to Master 2 on RCA.

Be that as it may, it is truly overhauled with regards to quality, as it obtains leader innovation to get a staggering 107dB sign to-commotion proportion on the yields.

The SZ utilizes an audiophile Wolfson Digital-to-Analog Converter, as found in the CDJ-2000 nexus.

Giving access to the best the DDJ-SZ can be joined with CDJs for rekordbox playback, sub controllers for considerably more control, and even turntables for vinyl perfectionists and scratch DJs.

It’s the most reasonable approach to get lead CDJ and DJM assemble quality in one solidified unit and gives a fistful of elite capacities you won’t discover anyplace else. Compare the features and pricing of the DDJ SZ to other controllers visit DDJ-SZ

Now that you know the full capabilities of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ, here’s an actual DJ doing his thing:


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