Decksavers are Important to any Pro DJ!

cdj-2000 decksaver

Most people don’t realize how much money a professional DJ actually invests in their gear.  Whether it’s a few thousand on the latest Pioneer DDJ controller, $500 on a new Mackie PA System, a few hundred bucks just for a high-end microphone alone.  This is why it is important to invest a little more into protecting your equipment from the constant abuse that it receive on the go as a DJ.  An essential to any DJ’s equipment insurance is having a set of basic decksavers that will protect your controller, cd player, mixer and any other DJ Equipment Chicago you may be carrying around.

For instance, you may not realize that your Dj has invested $2,299 on a limited edition


but it is quite common for serious DJ’s to make this kind of investment in their equipment.  For these DJ’s it almost always makes sense to invest in a $79 Pioneer CDJ-2000 decksaver that will protect their DJ Equipment Chicago on the go but also protect the equipment between sets from liquids that may be inadvertently placed near equipment during gigs or production sessions.

So in essence, your pro DJ has probably a lot more invested in this than you realize.  Make sure to give him/her their props when you see them.


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