Pioneer Dj DDJ-SZ vs. Numark NS7 III Dj Controllers

ddj sz vs numark ns 7 iii

The art of mixing audio has become popular over the years and so has the complexity and variety of DJ equipment Chicago. A good DJ is nothing without their equipment and most importantly his/her dj controller. These days the war of the DJ’s is more or less dependent on the controller that he uses. Among the numerous dj controllers out there the two products that have locked horns are Pioneer’s DDJ-SZ and Numark’s NS7III. Some features are the same in both the products with cutting edge technology that will help the Chicago DJ’s rock the night.

Video Walkthrough of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ


While both the controllers have a distinct style with unique features, cost wise the Numark NS7III is a lot cheaper than the Pioneer DDJ-SZ.  The NS7III costs about $1999 Retail while the DDJ-SZ is pegged at about $2400 Retail. These are the prices set directly by the manufacturers however wholesalers and authorized dealers like DJ Smart AV are able to offer the same products for up to 50% discount.  There is a bottom price that the manufacturers allow their authorized dealers to sell their Dj Equipment Chicago for.  At DJ Smart AV, we also offer the lowest prices available.  For instance the Numark NS7 III is priced at $1499 with free shipping directly from our warehouse (25% discount, $500 off MSRP).  We also offer the Pioneer DDJ-SZ for for $1999 with free shipping and a FREE DECKSAVER (17% discount, $400.99 off MSRP). Still the DDJ-SZ is a lot more popular with Dj’s all around the world who are prepared to fork out the higher price.

Size and Weight

The DDJ-SZ and NS7 III both have the same footprints with equal space required for two decks and a decent sized dj mixer. In the weight department the NS7 is heavier due to its metal body.


Both the dj controllers have four channel mixers which is now a standard feature. Other features include channel faders, three-band EQ, individual channel VU meters and effect control knobs for Serato DJ effects. The DDJ-SZ has the built in sound colour effects which are also found on Pioneer’s high-end mixers.  The NS7 has the touch-sensitive effect knobs with three modes and LED strips that double up as a BPM meter which gives visual feedback for beat matched tracks.


The pioneer DDJ-SZ looks like a packed and busy console with almost no room to breathe, while Numark NS7III features a sparse and well spaced out design. The NS III has deck sections which are almost mirror images of each other while the pioneer DDJ-SZ has stuck to its classic CDJ-style side by side layout. Akai MPC styled pad control buttons are found on both the controllers but looks a tad better on the DDJ-SZ.

Video Walkthrough of the Numark NS7 III

While both the controllers are good in their own league, it ultimately boils down to personal choice of the DJ’s. While Dj’s using CDJ will have no problem adapting to DDJ-SZ, the Dj’s having learned the art on dj turntables will find themselves leaning more towards Numark NS7III. Both the controllers are great DJ equipment Chicago to have and will depend totally on the budget and what the Dj’s Chicago are looking to get out from the controllers.


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