DJ Equipment Chicago: The Importance of Buying from Authorized DJ Equipment Dealers

Almost every DJ wants to own their own club where his or her favorite songs will be played. You would like to mix music of your own and be capable of producing something that sounds really great and can actually make people get in the mood of getting onto the dance floor. With the most high quality DJ equipment, you can produce your own music and play it on the fly with ease. Read on and find out why it is essential to buy your DJ Gear from authorized dealers like DJ Smart AV

Round the clock customer assistance

With authorized dealers, you can be assured of getting real-time customer assistance and there will always be a support team ready to handle your queries on phone or through Live Chat apps. You can get help about any technical issues in any of the equipments, repair servicemen, replacement, spare parts and more. In any event that you need any technical support for your equipment, you can get customer support on the line to help you solve your issue or replace your faulty DJ Equipment quickly.  An efficient customer support team is also important for help with return of purchased product, delivery or exchange.  The longer you are without your Dj Mixer or Dj Controller or even your DJ Lighting the more money you are missing out on from missed gigs or under-delivered performances which may affect your reputation.

Product maintenance tips

With reputed and authorized dealers, you can get important tips on how to maintain your dj equipment. Whether you buy second hand or new equipment for creating DJ music, you have to maintain it in a proper manner. You can get guides along with product manuals that explain all the steps of operations in an easier manner.  An important rule is that if you invest a significant amount in any DJ Equipment, moreso Dj Mixers and DJ Controllers to invest the extra couple hundred dollars in a quality Decksaver to protect from spilled liquids, damage from moving from gig to gig, etc.  Consider buying good DJ Decksavers as sort of an insurance policy for your investment.

cdj-2000 decksaver
cdj 2000 decksaver

Manufacturer’s warranty

You will also be able to get full manufacturer’s warranty on the DJ that you buy but only from Authorized Dealers.  Authorized dealers offer warranty on components as well as on their service because the Manufacturers have agreements with them to maintain level of quality and make sure that customers are ultimately satisfied with their equipment.  Pioneer DJ wants to make sure that if you invest $2000 in their latest DDJ Controller that you love it, and that it meets your expectations so that the next investment you make isn’t spent with their closest competitor.  Manufactures have specific agreements only with a select number of shops that are capable of meeting high service quality standards. Most manufacturers offer a warranty period of 1 year, although some extend a bigger warranty depending on the product – especially in case of expensive equipments. A larger warranty is what you should look for in case of costly equipments.


With such dealers, you can also have higher chances of getting equipments that last for a long time. Gear such as powered DJ mixers, powered processors and DJ monitors can be quite expensive, and you cannot afford to go wrong with their purchase. Authorized dealers won’t mismarket their Dj Equipment so you believe that the equipment is better than it actually is.  Authorized dealers can provide you with quality DJ Equipment that are solid in construction and can last for a longer while and live up to wattage and clarity claims. You can be assured of superior sound quality and performance, and products from reputed brands which have been around for a while and fully tested.


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