DJ Equipment: How to Properly Mix Music Live

Dj Antonin Mixing Live on the DJM-2000 and CDJ 2000

Having a proper knowledge of the basics of mixing live sound and getting the best sound live can set you apart from other “press Play” DJs, whether one is mixing with others or in tandem with other DJs. The following tips will allow you to know how you can get the best quality sound irrespective of the location you are at, the type of budget you have as well as which type of setup you have been provided with.


Get the right DJ monitors

When you get onto the stage, it is important for your audience to clearly hear you. A high quality monitor that stays constant irrespective of the variations or changes in sound quality is ideal. You will have to listen and spend some time in finding the right type of monitor so that you hear exactly what your audience hear.  Many DJs love the DB Technologies Chromo Monitors because they offer the superb sound quality like monitors costing  $2000-3000 more expensive.  The DB Technology Chromo15 retails for about $600 but when you buy through an authorized dealer and wholesaler like DJ Smart AV, you can get this monitor for under $500 at DB Technologies Chromo15 .

DB Technologies Chromo15
DB Technologies Chromo15

Choose the best amplifiers

There are numerous types of DJ amplifiers that you can get. While looking for the most suitable type of amplifier, you have make your decision on 3 important factors. First of all, the amplifier has to be capable of offering two times the power offered by your speakers (MAX POWER).  If your amplifier is able to deliver temporary peaks at times without any distortion, you need to ensure that the loudspeaker gives you enough range in impedance for the same. The budget is another thing that you need to consider while factoring in durability as well.  For all 3 factors including price we recommend the Crown XTI series.  For instance you can get the Crown XTi 1002 which normally retails for around $998 with 50% discount from wholesale authorized dealers so instead of the $998 MSRP you can actually pay around $499 for the same DJ amplifier including free shipping at Crown XTi 1002

Look for the right mixers

While handling live sound, it is important to use the right mixing in order to get the right tone for every instrument and check its capacity to mix with others. Powered mixers are mainly used for Live Sound. These are designed to suit different kinds of venues, and are most appropriate for churches, clubs and small bars. Such types of mixers are compact as well as powerful, which makes them last longer and unlikely to blow quickly. The overall process of installation and operation is simplified due to this reason. Powered processors are also essential, as these are available with various pre-built dynamic effects – which make them more helpful while mixing live music with more diverse instruments and DJ Effects.  Pioneer DJM 900 is very popular for live mixing.  We are currently taking preorders for the new Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 which you can order today and will ship out in February 2016.

Pioneer DJM 900NXS2
Pioneer DJM 900NXS2

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