Dj Equipment: Increasing your audio range for large venues with Line Array Systems

DB Technologies DVA T12 Line Array

Line Array refers to a special type of loudspeaker system which consists of a cluster of loudspeaker elements, generally of similar type, arranged vertically. Line array PA system has excellent sonic properties renowned for a long while. But it is in the last 25 years that these have been made available for commercial usage. You can see these in huge concert events and outdoor venues in the form of curved, vertically arranged speakers.  Find out why these systems help enhance audio range in larger-sized venues.  For deals on the most popular dj speakers visit Line Array Systems

Lobing elimination

These speakers help eliminate lobing virtually in a vertical plane. This is achieved as a result of the devices being arranged in a suitably spaced and compactly stacked array. There is reduction in excursion by half every time the number of speakers is doubled, which leads to sounds being more intelligible and distortion being lessened. Proper implementation, design and installation of line array speakers lead to such advantages of increased sound quality while reaching higher overall decibels.

More concentrated sounds

As the sounds are directed over a broad range of frequencies, the sounds are more concentrated in the concert area or hall and are kept off ceilings, areas over, below and rear to the array, the wall back to the audience as well as the areas over them. Given the greatest directivity, the field of reverberation is stimulated less by the array. There is reduction of overall noise in the enclosed space as a result. Given the reduced reverberation and less noise in the area, line arrays are extremely intelligible even in tough venues as the sound isn’t all directed and bounced off of the exact same point.

These have a higher attenuation

When compared to the standard 6dB attenuation of a point source speaker per doubling of distance, Line arrays tend to attenuate at every doubling of distance at 3dB. Naturally, there is uniform coverage of sound from arrays to the back from the front of a room. These tend to distribute sound over huge distances with minimal amount of distortion. This only indicates that a point source speaker which has 110dB attenuation would offer 86dB attenuation at 16 m. However, the attenuation from the line array would be 98dB. At a total distance of 52 feet or 16 meters, this would mean a 12dB difference. The sound would be two times as loud as a result. Quite naturally, Line Array loudspeaker system is appropriate for use in larger-sized venues.

If planning on entertaining in extremely large venues, check out DB Technologies DVA T12


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