DJ Equipment: Playing with the Akai MPC like a Pro, Like DJ Araab Muzik

dj araab muzik

When you are trying to create hip hop beats, you can hardly go wrong with the Akai MPC series sequencer, drum machine and sampler. The MPC (MIDI Production Center or Music Production Center) can easily be recognized by a trigger pad matrix, and has been utilized by some of the most famous musicians and producers in hip hop and various other genres of music. Read on and find out how you can play with the Akai MPC like a Pro and change the way you make music – much like DJ Araab Muzik. Check him out below destroying on the MPC:

Concentrate on the sound

When you are using MPC, you should not hold back while choosing sounds. You may record any sound, whether your own voice or sounds from nature, and use it. You have to be attentive to the way the sounds interact with one another. You may hook your microphone to the Akai MPC and record any type of sound then and there.

Get clean sounds

When you are recording samples directly to the MPC, ensure that you are going for high enough levels without any clipping. Select a sample that is long enough, and runs for a minimum of 5 – 10 seconds. This will offer you enough space and the ability to hear all that is coming after the file as well as before. You will be able to have a clean cut of your audio sample. While recording live sounds, go for a mic which allows proper sound levels without any distortions.

Keep a basic setup

While working with MPC, it is a good idea to concentrate on producing quality music and not have a too complicated setup. With a simple setup, you are not going to invest a lot into production and yet get all that you require. Many top musicians like to restrict their equipment to only a few gears. You should give top priority to your groove and sound, and not focus on buying too many dj equipment.

Choose according to the setup you want to have

An MPC1000 or MPC2000 is the right choice if you would like a traditional or small setup. But if you want one from the software angle, just like many musicians like these days, you can choose the MPD series that consists of a MIDI controller and is compatible with MPC software. Although you will not get the MPC1000 convertors which make drum sounds better, you can get the experience of music production with faders and pads.

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