A comparison between the traditional and newer DJ turntables

dj turntables

As a budding DJ, when you plan to buy your first DJ turntable, you would be thinking whether you should try out the traditional vinyl DJ turntables, or you should get the newer digital plastic/metal ones. Since its inception way back in the 1930s, DJ turntables have undergone a lot of changes, and it could be a real tough situation to choose from the options of traditional or newer DJ turntables. A comparative analysis of both the options could possibly help in deciding better.

Here is an in-depth video about the differences between vinyl dj turntables and newer digital dj turntables.

Traditional ones are pocket-friendly

Laying your hands on a traditional DJ turntable could prove to be an economic factor as many old and used turntables are being sold in various garage sales by many people. You can also hope to get a free unit from an old friend of yours if you search properly. The newer DJ turntables would obviously cost more as not only they are new, but also because they have added features than the ones which are tagged as traditional and old.

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Reliability and convenience are higher in the newer ones

The only glitch of getting a traditional DJ turntable is that in most cases the condition of the unit would not be at par with the expectations. As you deal with used turntables, you can expect certain issues with the performance that could include a worn out stylus or speed problems with the motor, stretched belts, improper weight and alignment calibration, and other wear and tear. As you take a used or traditional DJ turntable, you need to be ready to have it serviced by a shop that could fix these issues for you so that you may play the table without much hassle.

Another point of comparison between the traditional and the newer turntables is the size and ease of carrying the units. The newer tables are far more convenient when it comes to carrying them, unlike their traditional cumbersome counterparts. The reliability factor of newer turntables is also higher as compared to the traditional ones.

Sound quality is better in the traditional units

If traditional DJ turntables have so many issues why should one even think of getting one? Well, the answer is simple and straight. Most of the traditional DJ turntables sound better than the cheap plastic model DJ turntables that are manufactured in the recent days. If you want to spend a few thousand dollars on the high-end DJ turntables, you would certainly get high-quality sound than any traditional DJ turntable, but the crux of the matter is that at the beginning you would certainly not want to shell out that much money on equipment about which you do not have enough experience.

Going by the above points, it is possibly safe to conclude that the traditional DJ turntables are much better option than the newer ones provided you get someone who could repair the traditional unit and make it as good as a new one. In case you cannot catch hold of someone who could do this, it is wise to invest the money the newer DJ turntables to get the right sound.


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