As people go to a club or a venue for a gathering where live DJs perform, it is not only good music that will enhance the enjoyment of the guests. There are many types of DJ lights which are being used by DJs at the venues where they perform. Let us take a quick look at the most common types of DJ lights which are in use these days.

Moving heads or intelligent lightings

The most common type of DJ light is the moving head light which falls under the category of intelligent lighting. Moving lights are particularly important as they let the light beams move in multiple directions with the changing beats of the music and make the whole atmosphere a complete electrifying one. Many types of moving head DJ lights are available in the market. While some lights have a spotlight, some are an accumulation of many LEDs that collectively present a completely mesmerizing lighting of the venue. The moving heads lights are controlled by means of DMX controllers.

Gobo lights and Strobes

Gobo lights are another important type of DJ lights that are fixed at the ceiling or a high point of the wall with projectors and let you project any type of image or design patterns. The Gobo lights are also termed as moonflower lights and they are a must have item in the lighting kit of any DJ.

DJ strobe lights usually use a single light beam to create a stuttering visual effect. A panel of strobe lights is what the DJs prefer to use where every strobe would emit a different colored beam thereby letting the whole space be filled with multicolored lights. The functioning of the strobe lights can be controlled by means of a DMX controller if it is not a standalone strobe that is being used.

Other lighting types

Disco balls or mirror balls may sound like an item that belongs to the retro era, but in reality, there is hardly a match to these rotating balls when it comes to showering the dance floor with hundreds of dotted sparking lights. There are LED lights available that try to emulate the effect of the traditional disco ball but there is nothing like the good old mirror ball reflecting the light beams from a pin spot back to the dance floor creating a complete starry effect.

Scanners, Black lights, UV lights, PAR can light fixtures are some of the other types of DJ lights which are widely in use to make their performance more electrifying and enthralling.

In recent years, the use of LED DJ lights is more prominent as they require very less energy, and at the same produce bright light without any heat. With people dancing around crazily to the tunes of the DJ, the temperature of the room would be on the higher side and if the lighting system contributes to the heat that may cause an issue. LED DJ lights are hence the first choice of modern day DJs owing to their multiple benefits and super performance.


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