mpc 1000

If someone is looking for a workhorse MPC, it is the Akai MPC 1000 they should get their hands on. One of the first MPCs in the Numark era is the MPC 1000 from the house of Akai. This unit has basically all the required features that one would expect from an MPC unit, which includes 32 voice stereo sampling, 16 velocity, 64 track sequencing and pressure-sensitive MPC pads.

Reasons for being the first choice

The first sets of the MPC 1000 had poorly designed pads which had a very high failure rate. Anyone who would have purchased this unit was also required to purchase a pad fixing kit as well, which was a complete additional and unnecessary expense. However, the newer models have recovered from this plague and have better designed pads and they operate on OS 2.13. The pad sensitivity in the newer models can be adjusted by the user as per their convenience.

A very attractive benefit of the MPC 1000 is that one can do both pattern based sequencing as well as linear sequencing with this unit. With the MPC 1000, one has the freedom to change the patterns of the arrangement without taking the tedious method of copying and pasting the bars. The samples that are created using the MPC 1000 are standard WAV files which can be easily edited and processed by using any sample editing software.

Important specifications

The dimension of the MPC 1000 is 33mm x 75.5mm x 228.2 mm which makes this one of the most compact MPC units that is available. The weight of the unit is 7.6 lbs. The MPC 1000 is compatible with any standard 2.5” IDE Hard drive. The unit is compatible with various data formats that include WAV, SEQ, and PGM. There are 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads and 4 Pad banks as well.

The unit has multiple input/output options that include analog, digital, MIDI and well as USB. The level of the Analog input is +10dBu and that of the analog output is +17dBu. The sampler resolution is 16 bit/44.1 kHz. Sample recording time at 16MB/Mono is 136 seconds and that in 128MB/Mono is 24 minutes and 28 seconds.

Best features of the unit

Some of the best features that make the AKAI MPC 1000 a preferred MPC unit over other available options are as follows:

  • The MPC unit is much lighter as compared to other options
  • The small size helps in increasing the portability of the unit
  • Presence of more filters
  • Higher memory capacity of 16 MB which is expandable up to 128MB
  • Availability of internal hard drive
  • Availability of compact flash storage with a capacity up to 2 GB
  • Output count of 6 which is more than other available options
  • Audio outputs can be resampled
  • Deployment of internal slicing method that helps in enhancing BPM matching
  • Easy and convenient transfer of music file to computer by means of USB connectors and drag and drop facility from the CF card to the computer’s hard disk
  • Available at really affordable price

The MPC Renaisssance is the new model from Akai that has replaced the MPC 1000.  For 50% discount from MSRP visit our wholesale website at DJ Smart AV


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