mpc 2500

Music producers who want to work on a hard and sturdy MPC unit that will make the task of beat production easy and high yielding, opt for the Akai MPC 2500, which is considered to have set a benchmark in the industry when it comes to MPC units for producing beats.

A quick look at the top features

With a couple of on-board effects processors, four Q-link controllers, 32 voice/sum phase controllers, high quality drum pad surfaces, the MPC 2500 is ideal for music producers as well as live performers who wish to produce some live beats to rock the crowd with their music. The operating system of the MPC 2500 no longer gets affected with the minor bugs that used to trouble its predecessor models.

This MPC unit comes with varied storage options with standard internal memory at 16MB, a built in compact flash drive and also the capability of accessing a standard 2.5” IDE hard drive and an optional CD-ROM drive as well for storage of music files. Direct recording is now possible with the MPC 2500 as well where the sample gets stored in the RAM and can be transferred to external media easily.

Important specifications

When it comes to specifications, the MPC 2500 is almost a replica of its earlier model, the MPC 1000, with the only change being in the physical dimensions. The dimension of the MPC 2500 is 415mm x 93.5mm x 332.9mm and the physical weight of the unit is 13.5 lbs without any added accessories like hard drive. Much like its predecessor, the MPC 1000, the MPC 2500 unit is also compatible with various data formats that include WAV, SEQ, and PGM. There are 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads and 4 Pad banks as well which is also similar to what is available in MPC 1000.

The unit has multiple input/output options that include analog, digital, MIDI and well as other options like ¼” footswitch and USB. There are a total of 10 analog outputs and 4 MIDI outs. The level of the Analog input is +10dBu and that of the analog output is +17dBu. The sampler resolution is 16 bit/44.1 kHz. Sample recording time at 16MB/Mono is 136 seconds and that in 128MB/Mono is 24 minutes and 28 seconds.

Unrivaled features of MPC 2500

Some of the best features that make the MPC 2500 a hot favorite unit for beat production are mentioned below.

  • In-built memory (RAM) of 16MB which is expandable up to 128 MB
  • Backlit LCD which increases the readability of the panel
  • Presence of Auto Loop button allows automatic looping of a break at the right loop points
  • Resampling of output is possible
  • Q-link controlled audio input which helps in better real time control
  • Allows MTC synching, which was not an option in the earlier models
  • Muted sections of a sequence can be recorded, finally!
  • USB connectivity that allows better and faster data transfer. The earlier models used to get locked up while being in USB mode, which has been now corrected with the MPC 2500
  • The unit allows assigning mono samples to a single output which was not an option earlier

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