The Numark Mixtrack Pro is one of those DJ controllers which will suit the requirement of DJs who are looking for a good multi channel controller without causing too much of a dent in the pocket. Ideal for beginners, the Numark Mixtrack Pro allows mixing, scratching and mash up the tracks with loops and cues very conveniently.  Here’s a quick tutorial.

Hardware specs

The Numark Mixtrack Pro has all the necessary I/O options that are required to use the headphones, speakers or microphones. The hardware specifications of the Numark Mixtrack Pro include a single USB port that allows easy communication with the computer, one 6.3mm microphone jack and one 6.3mm headphone jack and a couple of RCA outputs.  The unit comes with Serato DJ Intro software.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro comes with two decks each equipped with touch sensitive turntables which are meant for the job of cueing, scratching and mixing. The unit gets powered through the USB port, which means that as soon the controller is connected to a computer via the USB, it gets turned on without any extra power cord.

ASIO audio driver is required

While the Mixtrack Pro is designed to work with standard Windows audio drivers, however as low latency is required for scratching and mixing, it is recommended that the user installs the ASIO 4 All audio driver. Latency is an important factor while performing as it defines the time lag between the input and the output. A controller with high latency will produce the scratch sound a few seconds after the jog wheels has been moved to scratch.

A few words on the mixer section

The mixer section of the Numark Mixtrack Pro is comprised of one crossfader and three upfaders, the middle one of which is used to control the master output and the ones on the left and right serves to control the volumes of the left and right channels respectively. One area of opportunity here is the spacing of the faders as there is very little gap between the faders and the jog wheels. An accidental slip could move the jog wheel unwontedly while the DJ tries to move one of the faders adjacent to the jog wheels.

The slight resistance offered by the upfaders could be useful for smooth mixing of tracks, but if someone wants to move them to and fro quickly to bring in a special sound effect, it could prove to be a bit of a challenge. The crossfaders on the other hand have just the right fit which makes both smooth mixing and easy scratching possible. On the whole the performance of the faders is quite satisfactory if you compare them with other entry level controllers.

Hot features of the unit

Some of the top features of the Numark Mixtrack Pro that makes it a hot favorite amongst budding DJs is large sized and touch sensitive jog wheels that makes cueing and scratching fairly simple for beginner DJs. Another attractive and useful feature is the lighted deck controls which allow seeing the software status. Apart from this, as this controller is compatible with almost all MIDI DJ software, it becomes the task of the DJ easier. The controller works with music management software like Traktor Pro, UltraMixer, djay, g pro and many more.


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