numark ns7III

At a time when DJs are opting for laptops over turntables for playing digital music without much ado, the Numark NS7 III is one of those DJ controllers which succeeds to great deals when it comes to bridging the gap between analog and digital DJing. While the heavyweight unit of 35 pounds may seem to be very cumbersome and hefty to be carried easily, the features of the controller are what makes it a beast of a controller for many DJs who were in search of that ideal DJ controller unit to perform at their best.

Attractive chassis

The first thing that would catch attention is the detachable steel laptop stand that is connected to the back of the unit. While it might not sound like a very interesting idea to suspend your laptop on the dance floor like that, but the strong built of the stand will ensure that your laptop does not get toppled over by the moves of one the over enthusiastic dancers rocking the dance floor. The overall appearance of the Numark NS7 III with its dual decks and mixer section in between is professional to the core.

Other positive features

The next important thing about the Numark NS7 III is the dual turntables which are made of pure aluminum and are 7 inch each. Handling these motorized turntables for mixing and scratching will give a completely different feeling which you would never have experienced earlier with the plastic made 4-inch jog wheels. In case you want to tweak further, you can easily do so with the low and high torque setting that is available with this lion controller unit.

All standard features of a high-end DJ controller are available with the Numark NS7 III. This includes the illuminated controls that let the DJ handle them comfortably even in the low lights of a dance floor, RCA input and a number of high-grade output options, full-size knobs, faders. In addition to these regular features, the Numark NS7 comes with the lovely surprise of the strip search that lets you control the position of the playhead, and reverse switches available with each deck.

ITCH software comes clubbed with the unit

The Numark NS7 III comes with Serato ITCH software that is a high-performance music system that with platter style playback control and internal mixing. The software is capable of handling audio processing and mixing that includes manual auto looping, EQ, crossfading, channel fading as well as track trim features.  The software supports a number of media files that includes MP3, WAV, AAC and Ogg Vorbis. Using editable ID3 tags, ITCH is designed to sort the media files search the songs by the name of the song and store them into virtual file crates.

A unique feature of ITCH software is that once a particular song has been played, ITCH color codes the item on the playlist so that the DJ understands that this one has been played and avoids playing it again.

Priced heavily at $1300 – $1600, the Numark NS7 III is certainly a good amount of investment, but when you get to use the incredible features of the unit, coupled with the style and charisma offered by this champion of controllers, all other controllers would simply vanish into thin air.


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