ADJ On-X Dj Lighting Review

The On-X is well known Dj Lighting that is popular because of it’s size, mobility, ease of use and price.  Currently retailing for $419, Dj Smart AV is offering wholesale retail price on the ADJ On-X at $299 which is a 29% savings!  It can easily be mounted to any trussing with only one bracket on the back and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

It has 8 3-Watt LED’s which include 2 white, 2blue, 2 green and 2 red LED’s which can be controlled very easily by ADJ’s My DMX 2.0 DMX Controller.  There are some great built-in programs which will compliment the music being played.  This product is also very popular for DJ’s that are looking to provide a strobing effect at their events and can be controlled easily with your DMX Controller.

The American Dj On-X is a very small unit that opens and closes with much range allowing you to fill very large areas with this small, powerful lighting.

Of course you may want to pair this DJ Lighting with a Fog Machine like the American DJ VF Volcano to further amplify your lightshow and reflect the waves throughout the room for a stunning visual display.

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