Understanding the basics of how to Use Serato DJ like a Pro

Serato Dj

Are you new to Serato DJ? If yes, then maybe this is the best time for you to learn and understand first the basics on how to use this DJ software so you can also play and able to use it like a pro.

While it takes physical skills to spin live, it is also essential to dive into one of the most popular softwares for you to properly understand on how to use it. Literally, Serato DJ is a widely used program for seasoned and new DJ’s alike. With mixing and controller capabilities, Serato DJ is actually one of the most comprehensive DJ software in the industry of DJ’s. In order to better understand this, just continue your reading.

An accurate estimation

Sometimes the bass feedback working back into the turntables can cause issues in Serato. To solve this problem, it is therefore essential to get an accurate threshold before each set. Setting the threshold will calibrate this DJ software the amount of noise in the room, allowing it to ignore noise and feedback from the turntable.

  • First you have to navigate the set up window.
  • Next, turn up the sound system to the peak level you will be playing.
  • Then, play a track from the other deck in internal mode.
  • After that, put the needle on the record with turntable stopped and then click the estimate button.
  • Lastly, adjust the threshold slider to the left until you get few tracking information in the button right corner then ease back to the right until it stops.

For you to have a good sound coming from your DJ software, you should first have a good balance of low noise and good tracking.  Repeat the same process for each deck. You should do it first prior to making your tracking circles round and circle.

Beats per Minute

If your tracks do not contain Beats per minute o BPM, you are missing some cool and best features in Serato. Loop roll, auto loop, and the effects on the ttm57sl use the tempo of the track and this would not work without a bpm value. To make this easy, you can set Serato to automatically detect the BPM of tracks when importing. If you choose’’ set auto bpm’’ and select your range of tracks, it will automatically get BPM’ed” especially when you load them to a playing deck.

Exporting your set list

People are more likely to listen or download to your mixed music if they like the included tracks. When you choose certain session under the history tab, an “export” button comes up. Click export and a file will be now directly created in the directory (“Music/Scratch Live/History Export”)/. That’s it.

These are just some of the few things you should know first to get started on using this DJ software and aside from the above mentioned, there are still many things to consider when playing Serato. But if you want to learn the steps while watching it on a video, then kindly find an online information with video on how to Use Serato DJ like a Pro.

Here is a tutorial with the popular DDJ SX which is paired with the Serato DJ Software


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