Features and Functions of BLX Series Wireless Microphone from Shure

Shure BLX Wireless Combo BLX288/PG58-H8

Among the popular brands that are found in the market is Shure. Recently, they have released their BLX Series that includes the latest options for conveniently designed wireless microphones made with the latest technology.

The wireless microphone systems from the Shure BLX series is the latest solution for people looking for the benefits of using wireless systems minus all the obstacles of setting up the entire system in a breeze. With many people who are interested with wireless microphones, this series has different items that you will surely appreciate.

Checking the BLX series, you will get to know that the manufacturers have focused on creating products that can deliver impressive performance that is available for everyone to use. The impressive audio of this series is engineered to specifically match the refined and tailored sound of the high-end analog wireless systems. Aside from these improvements, the company also included particular improvements with the wireless stability of the systems.

All are portable and are made perfectly for musicians that are always on the go. There are products in the series with detachable antennas and still include everything needed for proper and secure installation.

The wireless microphones included in the BLX wireless systems provides a performance range that reaches a maximum of 300 feet. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it can offer a maximum battery life of 14 hours with the use of two AA batteries. The company also made sure that their products are available in handheld and bodypack configurations along with multiple attachment choices.

Different Products Included in the BLX Series and Their Features

Shure BLX wireless microphones systems include the following products in their latest released systems.

  • BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter
  • Gain control is adjustable
  • Has a TQG connection suitable when used with Shure Lavalier, earset, headset and other instrument microphones or guitar cables.
  • Has a rugged construction but is lightweight
  • Tactile switch for power on and off
  • BLX2 Handheld Transmitter
  • Has gain attenuation of 10 dB
  • Has a combined microphone capsule choices that includes Shure’s Beta58A, PG58, and SM58.
  • It is also designed with a rugged exterior but is lightweight.
  • It also comes with colored ID caps, but is available separately.
  • BLX4 Single-Channel receiver
  • The product is compatible to maximum of 12 systems for every frequency band.
  • It has a single-touch quick scan button for frequency selection that can locate the best available frequency in the quickest time possible.
  • Has LED display
  • Designed with two-color LED indicators for audio status
  • Has both ¼ inch and XLR output connectors
  • BLX4R Half-Rack Receiver
  • Output level is adjustable
  • Includes the rack mount kit
  • Single-touch quick scan button made for quick frequency selection for the best frequency available.
  • Has a maximum of 12 systems compatible for connection for every frequency band
  • It is designed with two-colored LED indicators for RF status and audio
  • Has an LCD display designed with detailed audio and RF metering
  • ¼ inch and XLR output connectors
  • BLX88 Dual Channel Receiver
  • Quick search for best frequency with Quickscan option that functions with just one touch
  • Can connect with almost 12 compatible systems for each frequency band
  • Led indicators are available in two colors for audio status
  • It is designed with LED display.
  • It has output connectors available both in ¼ inch and XLR.

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