Event Lighting Solutions for Large Venues

Event Lighting

Recently we have received many requests from Clients that need help planning the lighting for very large Venues like concert halls and large banquet halls.  If you are a part of an event organizing team, then there is a great chance that you will have to go through the struggles of finding the best light solutions needed for an event. When handling large venues, finding the most suitable solutions may seem a bit challenging especially when you are used to handling small venues. The lighting requirements for larger venues may seem overwhelming especially when the event you are organizing is a concert, which obviously needs lots of light changes and other lighting effects. These are the best situations when you can call for the help of professional event lighting companies in  Chicago like Dj Smart AV to give some assistance on your needs.

When you contact any professional event lighting companies Chicago, you will be provided with several options on the lighting solutions that you may need for your large venue. Some of the lighting solutions that a company may show you are the following:

  • Gobos

A popular lighting option nowadays is the gobo. This is a solution used for most large events or in any large areas as it can provide a great lighting effect while making a unique design that adds to the overall appeal of the event. You get to choose what kind of design you want and be able to pick something suitable for your event.

  • Wide Projector Blends

An interesting lighting solution that can add up to the lighting appeal of an event is wide projector blends solutions. You can choose what particular designs will go on the projector or you can pick a fixed picture for the entire event.

  • Stage Washes

A lighting solution you can consider thinking as a traditional lighting option is stage washes. You can choose from different color combination that can be adjusted either manually or automatically. It can provide mixture of light to a wider space, which makes it a great option for larger options.

  • Pin Lighting

If the event has dining tables or cocktail tables and you want to achieve an intimate yet appealing feel in the large venue, this is a lighting solution that can enhance the centerpieces on tables. This lighting solution can also be used against the walls as the reflected light can provide enough lighting to the entire venue.

  • Festnoon Lighting

A good old-fashioned yet never fading lighting option that any event lighting companies Chicago would offer is the festnoon lighting option. This consists of a line of bulbs that are spread across and hanging on the ceiling of the venue. Most of these solutions use clear bulbs that allow people to see the filament inside the bulb, which adds on the appeal of the venue.

Other options that you can choose from are projection mapping that lets out a huge version of any design with appealing light combinations and uplighting that lights up the venue from large light fixtures with lights facing upwards and illuminating the entire venue from its reflected light. Click here for deals on Up Lighting.  With all of these lighting solutions, you get the ease of finding what particular solution is best for your large venue and what particular option is best suited for the event.



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