Review of Pioneer XDJ 700

xdj 700

DJ Smart AV is committed to informing of and giving accurate reviews of the lastest, hottest DJ Gear on the scene! Are you looking for a brand new player that you can be proud? Look no more as there is Pioneer XDJ 700 that comes along with a big touch screen, a good familiar club layout as well as it is loaded with lots of features coming from its big brother, the XDJ-100.  Everyone is aware by the fact that Pioneer is one of the leading companies who never fails to offer amazing and affordable media players for their clients. They announced their latest media player, which looks like the CDJ however has the ability to plays digital files through smartphone, USB or even computer.

Product Features

  • The Pioneer XDJ 700 has a compact size as well as removable stand that provide a great set up promises for those smallest home set up and booth.
  • MIDI Controller capability
  • Rekord box ready
  • Large full color touch screen
  • Load and search the web
  • Has a compact design along with a removable stand
  • Pro DJ link for improved scope and flexibility


  • Improved View

The full color and 7-inch LCD touch screen of the Pioneer XDJ 700 offers you the instinctive control for great creativity. The GUI is separated into 3 sections so that you could access all the good features you want to the player.

  • Hot Cues

It could trigger hot loops and hot cues in a good timing.

  • Advanced Connectivity

The good thing about this item is that you have the chance to call the QWERTY keyboard just to search through keywords or make use of the rotary dial in order to browse. Furthermore, you have the freedom to pick how you see your tracks; artwork, list or custom view.

  • Slip mode

You could keep tracks playing muted throughout live edits like scratch, loop or reverse. In addition, it can release the jog wheel at the same time the track comes backs at the right time and the right place.

  • Compact Design

The Pioneer XDJ 700 is the most compact standalone media players in the market and yet along with the extra benefits of the touch screen as well as the removable stand. In addition to that, as is the case by every piece of the DJ kit, this product is fully match and compatible along with the Rekordbox of the company that was recently upgraded to a full performance software. In addition to that, being the slimmest player in the market today, it has been created along with the mall home set up and booth in mind.

This product is no means the first ever the company has ditched the CD on its CDJ’s however this item is comparatively low price. Thus, in the world where are stuff are changing, it is all typical to find a cool dj gear that is also changing or updating. You will find that there were some products that are created to meet the ever changing needs of the consumer and Pioneer XDJ 700 is one of them that continually strive to give the best possible media playing experience for their users.

For warehouse pricing and shipping to your doorstep on this specific dj equipment visit XDJ 700 for additional $150 savings off MSRP.


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