Review of Pioneer XDJ 700

xdj 700

DJ Smart AV is committed to informing of and giving accurate reviews of the lastest, hottest DJ Gear on the scene! Are you looking for a brand new player that you can be proud? Look no more as there is Pioneer XDJ 700 that comes along with a big touch screen, a good familiar club layout as well as it is loaded with lots of features coming from its big brother, the XDJ-100.  Everyone is aware by the fact that Pioneer is one of the leading companies who never fails to offer amazing and affordable media players for their clients. They announced their latest media player, which looks like the CDJ however has the ability to plays digital files through smartphone, USB or even computer.

Product Features

  • The Pioneer XDJ 700 has a compact size as well as removable stand that provide a great set up promises for those smallest home set up and booth.
  • MIDI Controller capability
  • Rekord box ready
  • Large full color touch screen
  • Load and search the web
  • Has a compact design along with a removable stand
  • Pro DJ link for improved scope and flexibility


  • Improved View

The full color and 7-inch LCD touch screen of the Pioneer XDJ 700 offers you the instinctive control for great creativity. The GUI is separated into 3 sections so that you could access all the good features you want to the player.

  • Hot Cues

It could trigger hot loops and hot cues in a good timing.

  • Advanced Connectivity

The good thing about this item is that you have the chance to call the QWERTY keyboard just to search through keywords or make use of the rotary dial in order to browse. Furthermore, you have the freedom to pick how you see your tracks; artwork, list or custom view.

  • Slip mode

You could keep tracks playing muted throughout live edits like scratch, loop or reverse. In addition, it can release the jog wheel at the same time the track comes backs at the right time and the right place.

  • Compact Design

The Pioneer XDJ 700 is the most compact standalone media players in the market and yet along with the extra benefits of the touch screen as well as the removable stand. In addition to that, as is the case by every piece of the DJ kit, this product is fully match and compatible along with the Rekordbox of the company that was recently upgraded to a full performance software. In addition to that, being the slimmest player in the market today, it has been created along with the mall home set up and booth in mind.

This product is no means the first ever the company has ditched the CD on its CDJ’s however this item is comparatively low price. Thus, in the world where are stuff are changing, it is all typical to find a cool dj gear that is also changing or updating. You will find that there were some products that are created to meet the ever changing needs of the consumer and Pioneer XDJ 700 is one of them that continually strive to give the best possible media playing experience for their users.

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Numark TT250USB Review

Numark tt250USB

Numark is hands down one of the best innovative companies which revolutionized the technology on how DJ’s work and has set yet another breakthrough for the music technology and all the avid DJ’s who want to experience the awesome performance level of the new turntable device. You will certainly be fascinated with its high tech and advanced features.

The Numark TT250USB is set to create a major trend in the music scene with amazing capability performance capacity when it comes to turntables. This amazing device can create that awesome experience when it comes to good quality playback and analog record playing. The built in USB connector can turn the analog files to digital files using the built in memory card. Any DJ’s specific taste for music can be achieved with TT250USB because it is also very convenient to use in terms of its superb qualities such as excellent performance level for any song editing and mixing of sounds.

This also comes with a set of applications built in which sets the TT250USB as one of the best turntables ever created by Numark. Many admire its stylish look and captivating benefits such as:

  • Sets the newest standard for the unique combination of the professional as well as no-compromise performance
  • Operational versatility as well as affordable price value
  • Delivers virtually the perfect speed accuracy when playing back records
  • Provides the sufficient amount of resistance and the use for scratching effects for Chicago Djs

The following benefits have earned commendable comments from many people particularly top club DJ’s in different parts of the world because of its highly essential qualities which is perfect for any DJ activity. DJ’s usually require the suitable and handy turntable that can do the most amazing things when playing hard core music mixes or the simple yet loved style of scratching. The Numark TT250USB can do these things and much more.

Here are the Numark TT250USB Features

  • Direct-drive motor Quartz controlled
  • Die-cast aluminum platter
  • Attached stereo line-out RCA cable
  • S-shaped tonearn
  • Pitch Fader and Pitch-Bend controls
  • Pitch adjustment range is 10 %
  • Damped cuing raises and lowers tonearn
  • 45 and 33 1/3 RPM speeds as well as the selectable 115/230V operation
  • Converts the records to the digital files alongside the USB cable connection right to the computer for Djs in Chicago , especially Wedding Djs in chicago, Quinceanera djs in chicago, Quinceañera Djs , club djs , corporate event Djs and more
  • 1/8 inch of input for the remote start along with the compatible mixers


The Numark TT250USB design makes a classy appearance with a twist of modern taste and charm which is perfect for all necessary DJ preferences. The materials used in its manufacture are very durable, flexible, and are resistant to fire or water damage. The small device compartments are guaranteed dust proof and can easily be cleaned. It is also free from scratches and dents. The control buttons, which are easy to handle are not easily broken due to its metal and aluminum contents. The TT250USB is the most efficient, reliable, and essential turntable for all DJ wants and choices.

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Review of the Pioneer DDJ SB2

ddj sb2
In this review we’re gonna take a look at the Pioneer DDJ SB2. It is the follow-up to the original DDJ SB which we thought was one of the best entry level controllers coming included with Serato Dj Intro and is compatible with the full version
of Serato DJ update. Retailing at only $299 with additional savings on our authorized wholesaler site selling for only $249, The DDJ SB2 offers many features for the price.
The Pioneer DDJ sb2 looks a lot like the original DDJ S as it has two big chunky jog wheels much larger than what you’d find on something like the Traktor Kontrol s4 for instance. It has four multi-function pads that can act as hot cues, auto to manual loop and sample packets. Then you’ve got four transport pads here at the bottom for play, pause, cue and sync.  The mixer section has two volume faders a crossfader  along with an onboard soundcard around the back where you’ve got just a single pair of RCA jacks for the match output and a USB socket for connecting your laptop.
The led channel level meter which shows the level of channels one into is easy to see if your levels are too hot or if you’re peaking just by looking at the level meter. It’s a good introduction to the typical Club layout for those who play clubs or own CDJs at home and are looking for a portable controller to play house parties or for smaller bars and the like.

Event Lighting Solutions for Large Venues

Event Lighting

Recently we have received many requests from Clients that need help planning the lighting for very large Venues like concert halls and large banquet halls.  If you are a part of an event organizing team, then there is a great chance that you will have to go through the struggles of finding the best light solutions needed for an event. When handling large venues, finding the most suitable solutions may seem a bit challenging especially when you are used to handling small venues. The lighting requirements for larger venues may seem overwhelming especially when the event you are organizing is a concert, which obviously needs lots of light changes and other lighting effects. These are the best situations when you can call for the help of professional event lighting companies in  Chicago like Dj Smart AV to give some assistance on your needs.

When you contact any professional event lighting companies Chicago, you will be provided with several options on the lighting solutions that you may need for your large venue. Some of the lighting solutions that a company may show you are the following:

  • Gobos

A popular lighting option nowadays is the gobo. This is a solution used for most large events or in any large areas as it can provide a great lighting effect while making a unique design that adds to the overall appeal of the event. You get to choose what kind of design you want and be able to pick something suitable for your event.

  • Wide Projector Blends

An interesting lighting solution that can add up to the lighting appeal of an event is wide projector blends solutions. You can choose what particular designs will go on the projector or you can pick a fixed picture for the entire event.

  • Stage Washes

A lighting solution you can consider thinking as a traditional lighting option is stage washes. You can choose from different color combination that can be adjusted either manually or automatically. It can provide mixture of light to a wider space, which makes it a great option for larger options.

  • Pin Lighting

If the event has dining tables or cocktail tables and you want to achieve an intimate yet appealing feel in the large venue, this is a lighting solution that can enhance the centerpieces on tables. This lighting solution can also be used against the walls as the reflected light can provide enough lighting to the entire venue.

  • Festnoon Lighting

A good old-fashioned yet never fading lighting option that any event lighting companies Chicago would offer is the festnoon lighting option. This consists of a line of bulbs that are spread across and hanging on the ceiling of the venue. Most of these solutions use clear bulbs that allow people to see the filament inside the bulb, which adds on the appeal of the venue.

Other options that you can choose from are projection mapping that lets out a huge version of any design with appealing light combinations and uplighting that lights up the venue from large light fixtures with lights facing upwards and illuminating the entire venue from its reflected light. Click here for deals on Up Lighting.  With all of these lighting solutions, you get the ease of finding what particular solution is best for your large venue and what particular option is best suited for the event.


Get to Know the Basics of Event Production

event production chicago

There are many first timers in event production who worry about how they can actually pull through their first design and whether they can make it as successful as they promised their clients. Though you can easily get the services of any audiovisual companies Chicago, there are companies who believe with their skills and push through their plans of preparing everything for an event from scratch.  Our Event Production Chicago company Fly High Sounds uses the following basic blueprint to plan out our events including purchasing necessary audiovisual equipment (AV Equipment Chicago) to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Click on any of the dj equipment highlighted categories in this post to be taken directly to page where you can make your first purchase from our warehouse with free technical support and consultation.

For those who are interested with pulling their event together and be able to succeed with their first project, there are certain things that they must learn first prior to getting started or officially launching their event production services. If you are just starting with this kind of business, the following are the basics when it comes to event production:


Whenever there is an event, trussing is required especially when you are planning to create a stage and you need lights and other effects hanging over the stage. This is where everything hanging over the stage gets the support. It is best that your team is equipped with people who can handle this job or you can try getting the services of technicians who can handle the job and just pay extra for the labor. However, if you are short in budget, you can try learning more of assembling truss basics.  We have some great deals on trussing packages on our website with many options depending on your intended use, click here:  Trussing .

Event Lighting

Another important part of an event is the lighting. Of course, you want to make your event as entertaining as possible and having the perfect lighting solutions is what you need. Get to know the possible options that your team can use not only for a certain event but also for upcoming events that you may handle. Check the basics for lighting solutions like festnoon lighting, stage wash, up lighting, spotlights and other options that are called for any event.  To see many different options and prices check out the lighting section on our website for different light categories and make a purchase depending on the specific application that you will executing: Lighting


An important part of learning the basics in event production is the sound setup. You must learn the basic sound solutions available for any event and whether there are starter packages that you can avail for your production team or if you need to start immediately with big equipment. Since you are just starting, it is best that you get to know the possible options available for startup businesses like what you have.  When it comes to Pro Audio applications, there are numerous setups you can choose from, depending on if you need Powered Speakers, Passive Speakers with additional amplifiers, bass specific subwoofers and additional equalizers to tweak your sound perfectly to the type of music and venue that is being played for.

AudioVisual Installation & Setup

This is an essential part of your event production services. Any event will not be complete without audiovisual services. You can search for audio visual companies Chicago and check how they provide this particular service to get some ideas. Basically, this may also cover pretty much of the sounds but with added services on the visual effects like the use or projectors for displays or even plasma TVs, LED Video Walls for displaying important visuals.

In case you already have some background when it comes to event production but still require some assistance with how you can pull everything together, you can always make your research with how audiovisual companies Chicago do their job. You can ask expert advice or just make more research about the basics. Regardless of what event you are about to handle, it is best that you get to know the basics first to make each event successful.

American Audio WM 16 Microphone: The Best Wireless Microphone for Beginner DJs

American Audio WM 16

If you are a beginner DJ and you are looking for the best wireless microphone for you to use, you are on the right page. Read on and find what you are looking for.

The perfect wireless microphone for novice DJs is no other than the American Audio WM 16 Microphone. Why? Here’s why:

Ultra high sensitivity with low noise sound transmission-reception

This cordless microphone is equipped with high level of sensitivity feature. It can sense sound at a distance of 2 feet with relative clarity as compared to other brands of microphones. This means that it is almost as efficient as pro recording microphones used in recording studios and choral presentations. You do not have to strain your vocal cords just to produce a clear and crisp sound. Even with minimal volume of your voice, at the right distance, you will be able to be heard very clearly.

Aside from that, the American Audio WM 16 Microphone is designed to have low noise sound transmission-reception feature. You will not hear any unnecessary sounds that have something to do with it remote capability. What that means to you is that you can achieve a clean production of sound through this microphone. As a DJ, this is something that you really need.

Switching diversity of the antenna

For all types of wireless microphones, the versatility of its antenna is a key factor. The more versatile the antenna’s functions are, means the better the microphone is. Just as you think that it is quite impossible to find a microphone that defines such an unbelievable feature, here is American Audio WM 16 Microphone to prove that it is possible. This is among the cordless microphones that boast the switching diversity of its antenna. You can switch the antenna to different positions where you are able to capture good signal transmission-reception. Because of this feature, you will be able to find the spot that provides the most stable signal, thus making your activity interruption-free and more enjoyable.


Singing should be fun. Of course, you do not want to be troubled by extra-heavy microphones. Well, this is another reason why you need the American Audio WM 16 Microphone. This microphone is absolutely lightweight. As a matter of fact, the mic itself only weighs around 4 to 5 pounds, already including the battery. This simply means that you will have a good time recording with this wireless microphone and still not tiring your arms with its weight. This is something that you won’t experience from other microphone models out there.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to experience the best things about using wireless microphones, have your own American Audio WM 16 Microphone now.  Click here for additional savings on this: wireless microphone

Features and Functions of BLX Series Wireless Microphone from Shure

Shure BLX Wireless Combo BLX288/PG58-H8

Among the popular brands that are found in the market is Shure. Recently, they have released their BLX Series that includes the latest options for conveniently designed wireless microphones made with the latest technology.

The wireless microphone systems from the Shure BLX series is the latest solution for people looking for the benefits of using wireless systems minus all the obstacles of setting up the entire system in a breeze. With many people who are interested with wireless microphones, this series has different items that you will surely appreciate.

Checking the BLX series, you will get to know that the manufacturers have focused on creating products that can deliver impressive performance that is available for everyone to use. The impressive audio of this series is engineered to specifically match the refined and tailored sound of the high-end analog wireless systems. Aside from these improvements, the company also included particular improvements with the wireless stability of the systems.

All are portable and are made perfectly for musicians that are always on the go. There are products in the series with detachable antennas and still include everything needed for proper and secure installation.

The wireless microphones included in the BLX wireless systems provides a performance range that reaches a maximum of 300 feet. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it can offer a maximum battery life of 14 hours with the use of two AA batteries. The company also made sure that their products are available in handheld and bodypack configurations along with multiple attachment choices.

Different Products Included in the BLX Series and Their Features

Shure BLX wireless microphones systems include the following products in their latest released systems.

  • BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter
  • Gain control is adjustable
  • Has a TQG connection suitable when used with Shure Lavalier, earset, headset and other instrument microphones or guitar cables.
  • Has a rugged construction but is lightweight
  • Tactile switch for power on and off
  • BLX2 Handheld Transmitter
  • Has gain attenuation of 10 dB
  • Has a combined microphone capsule choices that includes Shure’s Beta58A, PG58, and SM58.
  • It is also designed with a rugged exterior but is lightweight.
  • It also comes with colored ID caps, but is available separately.
  • BLX4 Single-Channel receiver
  • The product is compatible to maximum of 12 systems for every frequency band.
  • It has a single-touch quick scan button for frequency selection that can locate the best available frequency in the quickest time possible.
  • Has LED display
  • Designed with two-color LED indicators for audio status
  • Has both ¼ inch and XLR output connectors
  • BLX4R Half-Rack Receiver
  • Output level is adjustable
  • Includes the rack mount kit
  • Single-touch quick scan button made for quick frequency selection for the best frequency available.
  • Has a maximum of 12 systems compatible for connection for every frequency band
  • It is designed with two-colored LED indicators for RF status and audio
  • Has an LCD display designed with detailed audio and RF metering
  • ¼ inch and XLR output connectors
  • BLX88 Dual Channel Receiver
  • Quick search for best frequency with Quickscan option that functions with just one touch
  • Can connect with almost 12 compatible systems for each frequency band
  • Led indicators are available in two colors for audio status
  • It is designed with LED display.
  • It has output connectors available both in ¼ inch and XLR.

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Wedding Djs, Quinceañera Djs and Corporate Event Djs

wedding djs chicago

Please help us welcome our new Chicago Dj Services and Event Production Company, Fly High Sounds.  Providing top notch Wedding Djs Chicago, Quinceañera Djs Chicago, and Corporate Event DJs Chicago.  We own all of our own equipment including Dj lighting and various other Dj Equipment that is needed to bring your event to life.  For larger venues we also can provide Trussing to mount lighting and other audiovisual equipment like large LED Displays as well.

Our new Djs in Chicago company offers many wedding packages which also offer customizable playlists and your guests can also contribute their song selections online.  Please visit for more info on packages and pricing along with contact info.

Djs in Chicago are encouraged to call us and submit their information for consideration to Dj events.  We will also rent all of our equipment out to Djs that already have clientele but don’t own their own equipment, such as Dj Lighting, Dj mixers, Dj Controllers, Dj Speakers and much more.  Visit our site and call today for more info: Djs Chicago

Understanding the basics of how to Use Serato DJ like a Pro

Serato Dj

Are you new to Serato DJ? If yes, then maybe this is the best time for you to learn and understand first the basics on how to use this DJ software so you can also play and able to use it like a pro.

While it takes physical skills to spin live, it is also essential to dive into one of the most popular softwares for you to properly understand on how to use it. Literally, Serato DJ is a widely used program for seasoned and new DJ’s alike. With mixing and controller capabilities, Serato DJ is actually one of the most comprehensive DJ software in the industry of DJ’s. In order to better understand this, just continue your reading.

An accurate estimation

Sometimes the bass feedback working back into the turntables can cause issues in Serato. To solve this problem, it is therefore essential to get an accurate threshold before each set. Setting the threshold will calibrate this DJ software the amount of noise in the room, allowing it to ignore noise and feedback from the turntable.

  • First you have to navigate the set up window.
  • Next, turn up the sound system to the peak level you will be playing.
  • Then, play a track from the other deck in internal mode.
  • After that, put the needle on the record with turntable stopped and then click the estimate button.
  • Lastly, adjust the threshold slider to the left until you get few tracking information in the button right corner then ease back to the right until it stops.

For you to have a good sound coming from your DJ software, you should first have a good balance of low noise and good tracking.  Repeat the same process for each deck. You should do it first prior to making your tracking circles round and circle.

Beats per Minute

If your tracks do not contain Beats per minute o BPM, you are missing some cool and best features in Serato. Loop roll, auto loop, and the effects on the ttm57sl use the tempo of the track and this would not work without a bpm value. To make this easy, you can set Serato to automatically detect the BPM of tracks when importing. If you choose’’ set auto bpm’’ and select your range of tracks, it will automatically get BPM’ed” especially when you load them to a playing deck.

Exporting your set list

People are more likely to listen or download to your mixed music if they like the included tracks. When you choose certain session under the history tab, an “export” button comes up. Click export and a file will be now directly created in the directory (“Music/Scratch Live/History Export”)/. That’s it.

These are just some of the few things you should know first to get started on using this DJ software and aside from the above mentioned, there are still many things to consider when playing Serato. But if you want to learn the steps while watching it on a video, then kindly find an online information with video on how to Use Serato DJ like a Pro.

Here is a tutorial with the popular DDJ SX which is paired with the Serato DJ Software

Product of the Month: Why You should choose the American Audio ELS GO 15BT Bluetooth Speaker for your Party

American Audio ELS GO 8BT

Here at DJ Smart AV, making awesome recommendations on great new DJ Equipment is what we’re all about. This month, we have to spread the word about a new Wireless, Bluetooth compatible Speaker that will blow your socks off. As far as sound quality, mobility, functionality and ease-of-use, there is no better model than the

American Audio ELS GO 15BT Bluetooth

Speaker. This is the king of Summer BBQ DJ Speakers as you will need no wiring and this speaker can be placed anywhere and music wirelessly streamed from any bluetooth-enabled smartphone!

In our opinion, the best feature of the speaker is that it is battery powered. Amazingly the 15inch woofer and tweeter will last for up 8 hours off of one full charge.

This dj speaker also has built-in wheels for easy rolling at any outdoor event.

In addition to being bluetooth capatible, you can also play your music from the built-in SD Slot or via USB Cable.

With the 8-band equalizer and effects knobs on the rear of the speaker, you can adjust your sound perfectly to the type of music being played.

For the serious DJs out there, this unit has built in XLR and RCA and quarter-inch connections.  Also has built-in echo for your microphones along with other voice effects.

Retailing for $389.95 which is not a bad deal in itself, DJ Smart AV audiovisual is offering a 23% discount off retail for this badass Summer BBQ Speaker for the Month of March. Be the envy of your friends and buy this speaker and be ready for the summer parties right around the corner at this link:

American Audio ELS GO 15BT Bluetooth